Productivity enhancers for SOHOs, SMEs

A set of 14 low-cost productivity enhancement utilities for SMEs, SOHOs & even individuals.

  1. Automatic data backup
  2. Fixed asset management
  3. Contact management
  4. In-Out register,
  5. Short term cash flow management
  6. Cheque Printing
  7. Appointments
  8. PC-Smartphone integration
  9. Instant access to frequent data
  10. Visitor Management
  11. Digital Scribbling pad
  12. Task management
  13. Document digitization
  14. Lead management

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Bangalore computers

Welcome to Bangalore Computers, Bangalore's leading supplier of PCs-Desktops & laptops & accessories.

SALES - Desktops & Laptops:

We are leading partners of Dell, HP, ASUS, ACER & Lenovo for desktops, laptops & AIOs in Bangalore. All branded desktops and laptops are sold at low price with FREE offers only from Bangalore computers. We do not hard sell computers; we guide you through your buying decisions. We try to understand your computing needs and use our experience so that your decisions are well-informed and appropriate. We also stock accessories from brands like Kingston, AOC, Logitech, APC, dLink, canon, TVSE - monitors, RAM, HDD, SSD, keyboards, mouse, cordless devices, Cables, UPS, printers, scanners, webcam, adapters etc.

Computer Price-List (Laptops, desktops & all-in-ones):

We provide a complete price-list of all the laptops, desktops and all-in-ones available in the Bangalore market. All brands including dell, lenovo, hp, asus, acer, toshiba, hcl, wipro are included in the computer price-list. The view option has a comprehensive filter to help you in your computer purchase decision making. You get an excellent filter and a sort option to zero in onto your system. The filter includes PC type, brand, price-range, processor, HDD size, Graphics type, OS type etc.

Thus, select Laptops in computer type, to get a complete laptop price list of all brands, all processors in Bangalore, Select desktops to get a desktop price list or select all-in-ones and HP  to get all HP all-in-ones prices. Select Laptops as computer type, i3 as processor, 4gb as RAM and you get a price list of i3 laptops of all brands with 4gb ram.

Click here to get a complete computer price-list of desktops(branded & a few assembled ones too), All-in-ones & Laptops available in Bangalore.

You have options to view detailed specs of any model that is listed as per your filter. You can also send us an email just by clicking on it to request for checking its availability and its best price. You cal also select multiple computers for comparison between them.

Time & Attendance + Surveillance systems:

We sell, install and maintain surveillance systems for homes, offices, factories etc.

Bangalore Computers is a trusted seller & service Provider in Security Surveillance Products. We are known for our value-for-money products with reliable quality and dependable after-sale service. You can trust us to provide you quality Electronic Surveillance systems.

We sell, install and implement Time & Attendance systems from Secureye.

The systems can work with face, fingerprint, cards or password based. We integrate it with our mobile apps to give you alerts for exceptions and our payroll software to do your payroll computations and filing.

Computer Rentals:

Rent a PC from Rs. 650/- per mth onwards.

We rent desktops, laptops, workbooks, tablets, monitors and other IT equipment. Actual rent depends on the configuration and period of rental. Rental periods can be daily, weekly or monthly basis. 

You can even use our computers at our premises on hourly basis as well.

Accessories-Complete Range:

We stock all computer and laptop accessories. From cables, mouse pads and computer tables to gaming accessories, all computer accessories are stocked and sold. We try to ensure that you get value for your money with our low-priced laptop selections, laser printers, Computer monitors, computer TFT screens, external USB HDDs, Pen drives, keyboards, UPS, original Printer cartridges and other computer parts.

Our Services

Bangalore computers is committed to deliver products and services at quality and service levels that at least match the best in the trade, providing affordable, professional computer services to individual users, small businesses and organizations.

From SSD or RAM upgrades, graphics card installations, laptop repairs-keyboard, screen or hinge replacements, laptop laminations, to motherboard level repairs, we handle every kind of service that you will need with your PC or laptop. OS repairs or installations - Microsoft, Apple or Linux are also handled.

We, at Bangalore computers, constantly strive to develop positive, long-term business relationships with each client by focusing on their individual needs, offering quality products and services at fair and reasonable prices, being truthful and fair in all of our business practices, and maintaining a strong work ethic and high standard of excellence.

We are able to give computer service-laptop service & desktop service to any part of Bangalore city directly or thro' our franchisee service nodes. Software installations, OS repair, Upgrades etc can be just a call away. Trusted & capable professionals will attend to your specific computer needs at your home or office.

Our activities:

Aim & Vision

Our aim is to supply good quality IT products and provide professional computer repair and support services to businesses, educational institutions and private individuals at competitive rates. We pride ourselves on our impartial advice, high quality products and extensive after sales support.

We have many links and affiliations with major manufacturers including Intel, Dell, IBM, Toshiba, Canon, Hewlett Packard, AMD, EPSON, TVSE, Zenith, ACER, Lexmark, Samsung, LG, Asus etc. However this does not restrict us in what products we can supply and we will always give impartial advice and recommendations.

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