Productivity enhancers for SOHOs, SMEs

A set of 14 low-cost productivity enhancement utilities for SMEs, SOHOs & even individuals.

  1. Automatic data backup
  2. Fixed asset management
  3. Contact management
  4. In-Out register,
  5. Short term cash flow management
  6. Cheque Printing
  7. Appointments
  8. PC-Smartphone integration
  9. Instant access to frequent data
  10. Visitor Management
  11. Digital Scribbling pad
  12. Task management
  13. Document digitization
  14. Lead management

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Advice on NEW PCs & Notebooks

Selecting a PC is difficult-too many choices! A wrong purchase can not be reversed easily either.


Bangalore computers' intent is to provide consumers with up-to-date advice on buying and getting the most out of computer products. We do not hard sell computers; we guide you through your buying decisions. We try to understand your computing needs and use our experience so that your decisions are well-informed and appropriate.

A couple of rules before buying a computer:

Do not even attempt to future protect..Do not think that if you buy the latest and the best today, it will be usable for your next two generations. Any computer you buy will be obsolete in about three years if you want to remain technologically relevant.

Do not buy the latest one available, unless its features are a must for you today, for 2 reasons: 1. You pay a premium when anything is released & prices will drop in a matter of months 2. You may not need all those features or if you wait for a while you get the same or even better features at a lower cost.

Do not upgrade to the latest every time something new is announced. Computer is not a fashion statement. The evolutionary improvement to the latest will usually yield very marginal benefits to you.

Do not buy what is nominally sufficient for you trying to save on initial investment, the more so if you are using the computer for long periods. Your time is more precious than the one-time saving. In addition, as time goes by, your system will become slower due to OS, data and heat related issues. Buy for your needs of today and the immediate future. After a wrong decision, you are likely to lose heavily if you try to upgrade/exchange your first purchase.

Get instant computer help

Get instant computer help without moving a step, when you need it!

While you're using your computer if you run into a problem, it's a major inconvenience to schedule an appointment, haul your PC to the repair center and wait to have it fixed.

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