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Computer Service and Repair

Computer Hardware repair

Computer hardware today implies desktops and laptops. Hardware service for desktops and laptops differ significantly. The skills required for desktop repairs are different from the skills required for laptop repairs.

Computer desktop repair: All components of a desktop computer are usually available in the regular sales channels of computers and are easily replaced even when the entire component needs to be thrown out. Component level repairs are also easier with desktop computers as the availability of spares for desktop components is far better. Thus a failure of a desktop computer, caused by a power supply failure or even by a motherboard failure, is usually not very catastrophic. The modular design of the IBM PC helps you to replace the faulty module with a working new module. The standards for peripheral connectivity in desktop computers are such that the peripherals are universally compatible across brands unlike in the case of a laptop.

In Bangalore, you do get technicians who will service your computer on-site. Some computer technicians would expect you to drop off the system at their service centre while some have pick-up and drop facilities. Some computer service technicians even take back


Computer Software service and repair

Computer software service & repair covers many possibilities. Many software get corrupted as a result of bugs within it. Many need service as a result of improper usage. These days even more get corrupted as a result of virus programs. Many corruptions are a result of operating system bugs, improper installations of operating system, inadequate patches to software, insufficient resources or even wrong settings.

Some of them can be rectified merely by changing some settings, some by applying a few patches while some may involve elaborate data recoveries, re-installations and restorations. Some programs have options for software repair and a few appropriate selections will bring back your system to normalcy.


Data recovery services

You store all your valuable data on your permanent storage media. One day, you will find that your data


Installation & repair of application programs

Application programs often get corrupted as a result of

Checking for and removal of virus in your computer

Repair of operating systems


Backup and restoration of data

Your online data will be lost. It is only a question of when. Take precautions. And backup is the best precaution that you can ever take.

You store all your valuable data on your permanent storage media. One day, you will find that your data


Installation of operating systems

Most users use only some version of windows consumer edition like windows 7 editions- Windows 7 home starter, windows 7 home basic, Windows 7 Home premium, windows 7 professional or windows 7 ultimate. The windows 7 family also includes a windows 7 enterprise version sold only through volume licensing to companies.

There is a growing population of users who prefer linux as their operating environment. Linux

Fixing the settings of any software

All software systems have many settings that control the way it works. These settings are made at the time of installation and can be altered by the user to configure it to work the way the user wants it to work.

Windows settings are fixed on its 'registry'.

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