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i5 4gb 320gb win 7 pro

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Computer Service and Repair

Computer Hardware repair

Computer hardware today implies desktops and laptops. Hardware service for desktops and laptops differ significantly. The skills required for desktop repairs are different from the skills required for laptop repairs.

Computer desktop repair: All components of a desktop computer are usually available in the regular sales channels of computers and are easily replaced even when the entire component needs to be thrown out. Component level repairs are also easier with desktop computers as the availability of spares for desktop components is far better. Thus a failure of a desktop computer, caused by a power supply failure or even by a motherboard failure, is usually not very catastrophic. The modular design of the IBM PC helps you to replace the faulty module with a working new module. The standards for peripheral connectivity in desktop computers are such that the peripherals are universally compatible across brands unlike in the case of a laptop.

In Bangalore, you do get technicians who will service your computer on-site. Some computer technicians would expect you to drop off the system at their service centre while some have pick-up and drop facilities. Some computer service technicians even take back

Laptop computer accessory like adapters fail often and thankfully they are available at least in compatible or

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