johnnysApp-Free Android App

A multi-featured personal productivity app

Your constant companion, your mobile, can now be your most trusted one too. Our johnnysApp, the android app for every johnny, will help you everyday and in very many ways.

A feature-rich scribble pad

The toDO list, that even speaks to you, never lets you down.

A Multi-media, secure personal diary

Asset list does more than tracking all your assets

Media tracking-organizes your photos, videos, audios..

Document tracking-the smart way to file & use your documents.

Android search finds anything in your mobile

V card reader moves your visiting card into the contacts.

More details@ http://johnnysApp.com;

Download free: https://play.google.com/store/search?q=johnnysapp

LAN design and Installation

You are an SME having about 3 to 15 computers. You would like to network them so that all your IT resources are shared. You may also need a wireless environment to support a few laptops or to connect to printers and other peripherals that are wi-fi enabled. Bangalore computers can guide you to an appropriate cost-effective solution, suggesting you the right switch and its placement, the cost effective and appropriate router, optimise the cabling while providing for future expansions. The broadband internet will be made shareable wherever it needs to be shared. Anti-virus solutions will also be implemented. Bangalore computers can also maintain your computer network for you.

If you have a desktop a little too far from the rest of the network for wires to be taken or when wiring is difficult for whatever reason, wireless connectivity could be the low-cost practical solution. Depending on the positions of all your nodes and the need for speed at each node, we would suggest an economical low-cost LAN solution for you and implement it too.

You can also depend on Bangalore computers for LAN support and network maintenance. Call us for any LAN troubleshooting. Our experienced computer service engineers can ensure results with minimum downtime for your computers.

Bangalore computers stock all LAN components like lan cables (Cat-5 and cat-6), patch cords, switches, routers, usb wi-fi

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