Productivity enhancers for SOHOs, SMEs

A set of 14 low-cost productivity enhancement utilities for SMEs, SOHOs & even individuals.

  1. Automatic data backup
  2. Fixed asset management
  3. Contact management
  4. In-Out register,
  5. Short term cash flow management
  6. Cheque Printing
  7. Appointments
  8. PC-Smartphone integration
  9. Instant access to frequent data
  10. Visitor Management
  11. Digital Scribbling pad
  12. Task management
  13. Document digitization
  14. Lead management

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Computer Upgrades

Bangalore computers can suggest the cheapest and the best upgrade solutions for your PC (desktops and laptops). When your system runs too slow even for an application, we will listen to you, probe and try to understand the contributing factors and your needs. We will not try and sell you a new system if an upgrade of your existing machine fulfills your need. If your system gets the necessary performance improvement by a change in settings, memory, hard disk, processor, graphics card, operating system etc we not only suggest that, but give you the option of trying them out before your paying for it.

In other words, we can provide the ideal cost effective package to fulfill your needs-a software tuning, an upgrade, a peripheral addition or a new PC altogether. Try out options-cheaper ones first before arriving at the most satisfactory solution. We consider your budget as a prime factor while fulfilling your computing needs.

Upgrade your desktops, laptops or software at the cheap and best of rates for quality RAM, hard disks, graphics cards (nVidia, ATI Radeon chipsets), motherboards, processors from Bangalore computers, at any of our centers in Koranmangala or Marathahalli.

Come to us with a computer that freezes, an animation that freezes you on your chair, a laptop that gives out only error messages or a computer that has insufficient storage space and we will guide you through to the APPROPRIATE SOLUTION FOR YOU

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