Productivity enhancers for SOHOs, SMEs

A set of 14 low-cost productivity enhancement utilities for SMEs, SOHOs & even individuals.

  1. Automatic data backup
  2. Fixed asset management
  3. Contact management
  4. In-Out register,
  5. Short term cash flow management
  6. Cheque Printing
  7. Appointments
  8. PC-Smartphone integration
  9. Instant access to frequent data
  10. Visitor Management
  11. Digital Scribbling pad
  12. Task management
  13. Document digitization
  14. Lead management

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Asus Notebooks

ASUS Notebooks @ Best Price from Bangalore Computers

The 'ASUS Way of Total Quality Management' aims to offer the best quality without comprimising cost and time-to-market while providing maximum value through world class service.

Unparralleled Design Concepts

Unparralleled Design Concepts

Gapless touch pad - The seamless touch pad on the palm rest eliminates annoying dust accumulation.

Semi-invisible keys - The instant function keys for a distractiion-free working space.

Worldwide 2-Year Warranty

Worlds First TCO' 99-Certified Notebooks

The TCO'99 certification has the strictest standards in EMI (electromagnetic interference), ecology (environmental protection), ergonomics and energy (battery technology), and ASUS notebooks are the world's first portable computers to receive this prestigious honor.

Vibrant Image Presentation

Vibrant Image Presentation

With special technologies, ASUS panels present clear and sharp images in their true brilliant vibrant colors perfect for entertainment applications.

Color Shine glare-type & Crystal shine high-brightness technology.

Asus 4

High-Quality Digital Entertainment Enjoyment

Digital Entertainement on the Go

Wireless Video Communication

Dependable Partner on the Go

Dependable Partner on the Go

ASUS Business Notebook Series offer a smart balance of mobility and performance with comprehensive security feature that protects with both software as well as hardware solutions, providing a secure and convenient computing experience for users.

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