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Automatic data backup software: 

Loss of computer data can lead to very disastrous consequences. The possible causes for data losses are many.  Learn More

CLEARcheque-Cheque printing software

PERFECT Cheques enhance your profile: Learn More

Computer Software

A Computer is controlled by instructions stored inside its memory. These instructions are called software. The computer hardware by itself cannot do anything. By loading a software designed to do a particular task, the computer does that specific task. Thus, to type a letter, we use the word processing software like MS Word, that has been designed for word processing. By loading a game software, we can play a game on the computer. Thus different software packages perform different tasks for us. Software is also called programs. There are millions of computer programs created for different purposes. There are many programs competing to do the same task too, each one doing the job in different ways just as you get your pizza in different flavors.

Programs do a specific task for which it is created. A program created to trouble you or even to destroy data on your PC is also a program-a virus program.

BangaloreComputers has created programs for various tasks! They include TypingPundit, a self paced program to enhance your typing skills and make you a touch typist. Other programs from us are The MD's wisecat-a complete solution for traders-wholesalers and retailers, SchoolEmanager-a school management software, WiseCare-a comprehensive hospital care solution, AssetCinC-a cloud based fixed asset management software. Click here to learn more about The MD's Wisecat software.

Our school management software is a total solution for schools to manage the student related data processing. Visit SchoolEmanager.com for details.

Acclaimed as the most child-friendly family software, TypingPundit comes with free brain games that all family members can play everyday to create better bondings within the family and to enhance mental fitness. Click here to learn more about TypingPundit

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