johnnysApp-Free Android App

A multi-featured personal productivity app

Your constant companion, your mobile, can now be your most trusted one too. Our johnnysApp, the android app for every johnny, will help you everyday and in very many ways.

A feature-rich scribble pad

The toDO list, that even speaks to you, never lets you down.

A Multi-media, secure personal diary

Asset list does more than tracking all your assets

Media tracking-organizes your photos, videos, audios..

Document tracking-the smart way to file & use your documents.

Android search finds anything in your mobile

V card reader moves your visiting card into the contacts.

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What software should I install on my PC?

What software you install depends on what you use it for. But there are many software that almost every PC user needs. Bangalore computers lists the following recommendations made by various experts. Service engineers from bangalore computers will guide you through these alternatives.

Internet Browsers

Most first time users cannot decide what applications, plugins and tools they should install on their PC. The objective should be such that common computing tasks such as viewing movies, listening to music, backing up data, creating a document, playing a game and browsing the Internet can work from the first try. Given below are brief reviews of some of the software that you may want to consider.

A good internet browser is very important for a pleasant and safe browsing experience. Actually, it is one of the first things you should install on your PC, after the Windows Updates and security solutions. There are quite a few alternatives, the ones we recommend are:

Firefox - The plugin options alone are a great reason to favor Firefox over all other browsers. The interface layout can also be customized where Internet Explorer 7 is very inflexible that way.

Google chrome is an increasingly popular browser today. This browser has improved security features, executes with greater speed, and has better stability. It was also the first browser to integrate the address bar and the search bar.

Another great alternative is Opera.

IE 8 or Microsoft Internet explorer 8 is the latest release of browser from microsoft. Though the internet explorer is not the best browser, it is the most widely used browser software in the market even today. Microsoft retains this status mainly because it comes free with the windows operating system that almost all desktops use today.

Plugins, Players & Runtime environments

The plugins and runtime environments mentioned in this article will allow you to run most applications on your PC and to correctly navigate most of the web pages found on the internet. Some of them must be downloaded from a specific page while others are distributed also via Windows Update.

Plugins, players & runtime environments which can be downloaded from the web:

PDF (Portable Document Format) has become the de-facto format for document exchange on the web. There are many PDF readers available. The ones we recommend are:

Foxit Reader for Windows - it is a free PDF file viewer, very light on resources and extremely fast compared to Adobe Reader.

Adobe Reader - because Foxit just doesn't work correctly in a multi-monitor environment.

Office Applications

Everybody needs to create and read documents. The alternatives are not too many when compared to the PDF readers. However, there are quite a few good ones from which you can choose:

Google Docs - it works great for general wordprocessing, spreadsheet and presentation work. Even though this solution is web based, coupled with Google Gears, it is a great solution which works also when you are not connected to the internet. Plus it comes free of charge.

Microsoft Office - because it is the most widely used office suite and you can't work in the corporate world without it.

OpenOffice - if you don't have the money to purchase Microsoft Office and you want a good desktop office suite, OpenOffice is definitely a good alternative. It comes free.

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