Dell/HP Business desktops

Intel i5 4gb ram, 500gb HDD, win 7.

Price 10900/-

Other Softwares


Utility software:

Software that performs an end users specific task is called an application software. A hospital system that automates all its processes is an application program. A business application that automates the business systems of sales, accounts, stock etc is also an application program.

BangaloreComputers have created several application programs. They include MD's Wisecat, a complete business solution, SchoolEmanager, a school ERP, WiseCare-a hospital solution, AssetMax-an asset management software etc.

To use your computer more efficiently, all users need some programs that are useful in many contexts. They are called utility software. They include programs to backup, restore, sort, compress or expand data. Utility programs help you use your computer more efficiently.

BangaloreComputers have developed a program, named DataBuoy, for automatic backup of data on any internal hdd, NAS or external HDD.

Application programs use the services of the system programs, like the operating system or the utility programs to achieve their objective. It need not redo these tasks in each application. The utility programs generally are more efficient, tend to have better interfaces and free versions are often available.


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